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The Golden Violin

A multi-dimensional show with a fascinating story, colourful costumes, imaginative visual backdrops and stirring music.

Calvin and Betty take their audience on a journey, tracing the possible history of Calvin's "golden violin", a beautiful instrument crafted in 1807 by the Dutch violin maker, Johannes Cuypers. The first stop on this musical trip is Amsterdam; the birthplace of this particular instrument, with stops in 1853 Dusseldorf, 1895 Paris, 1930 Venice, and 1955 New York, before ending up in present-day Canada.

Along the way, Calvin and Betty perform a variety of beloved classical pieces, each representative of a particular era and location. Their repertoire ranges from the traditional Mozart and Brahms to the more modern works of Copland and Gershwin.

Over and above the actual music, which is enthralling, Calvin exudes a wonderful sense of showmanship which makes for a delightful evening. Both Calvin and Betty throw themselves into their roles, incorporating a series of costume and set changes into the concert. The resulting ambiance makes the audience feel as though they, too, are sitting in a Parisian drawing room at the turn of the last century, or perhaps around a blazing fire in a gypsy encampment.

The theatrical elements of a few costume pieces, well-chosen powerpoint backdrops, a touch of lighting and a well written script enable the musicians to connect with the audience and draw them into the story.

Calvin will charm you with his personality, delight you with his music, and entertain you with his hats.

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For pictures from the Golden Violin Concert on Cortes Island visit www.cortesisland.com/pages/goldenviolin.

© 2013 Calvin Dyck.
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